About Mark David

I started out as a cartoonist, appearing regularly in The Sydney Morning Herald, but also in The Australian Financial Review, The Australian, The Bulletin and a whole bunch of other publications, and in lots of languages, around the world.

My illustrations and cartoons have appeared in more than a hundred books.

In 1991, I was the president of The Australian Black and White Artists Club (now known as the Australian Cartoonists Association). I’ve taught cartooning to thousands of people of all ages, in schools and seminars around Australia and have appeared on television, spoken on radio and appeared in many newspaper articles in my capacity as a cartoonist.

I’ve won awards for my cartoons and 3D illustrations. I’ve also served as a judge in major cartooning awards (not in the competitions I won because that would be cheating) and was once even selected as one of Australia’s most eligible bachelors in a top-selling Australian women’s magazine (Cleo).

I now spend a lot more time doing photography, especially when it involves pointing a camera at critters. Like the cartoons, my photos appear all over the place. Well, mainly in Australia but also internationally — in magazines, websites, on telly and in museums.

I personally think the complicated nature of cameras acts as a barrier that stops people enjoying them or using them at even a fraction of their potential. That’s why I’ve been writing my beginners’ guides to digital SLR photography. Because I think once you get past all that technical stuff there’s a lot of fun to be had.

My proudest moment was being photographed juggling three tennis balls while sailing a windsurfer.

I live with my girlfriend in rural Queensland, Australia — writing and illustrating, building websites, selling photos of wildlife and cartooning.

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