Making the Cheddar Warrior — the hazy bits

I needed to put some haze — the suggestion of a storm and rain — into the background. Most decent 3D software packages allow you to create very clever 3-dimensional fog and haze effects. It’s very impressive and you appreciate that power when you create an animation. But I didn’t need that much power, and I had other things to spend my time on. Here’s how I got the effect I wanted.

One of the really nice things about 3D software is that it doesn’t mind if you cheat. For example, if I were to hang a huge screen over a real ocean, that screen would cast a shadow. In my illustration I wanted to see the screen but not the shadow. So I tell the software to do exactly that. In the first picture here you’ll see how easy it was to make those settings.

illustration showing a fake screen of haze in front of the horizon

That first picture shows where I put in a fake hazy screen in front of the camera. The second picture shows what the camera saw.

Can you see how the haze has softened the appearance of the horizon?

You’d be surprised how often 3D artists fool us with tricks like this one.



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