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Camouflaged critters — blending in to a scene near you

Camouflage is the use of shapes and colouring to blend in with surroundings. Nature does an impressive job at it.

Tawny Frogmouths

Living in the inner city, you’d think there wasn’t much nature to be seen. But often the critters are around — they are just well-hidden. Take that Tawny Frogmouth in the photo above for example. You probably saw it right away but how long did it take you to see the second one? You could fill several books with great examples of camouflaged animals. Here are some from my collection. Most of these shots were taken around Sydney.

Deinopis Spider

This Deinopis spider (it used to be called Dinopis) has markings which so closely remsemble those of a dead leaf that it could easily be mistaken for some dried-out foliage


A group of starfish blends in with the colours of a rock pool floor


The patterns on this butterfly’s wing resemble leaves

Wolf spider

A Wolf Spider can be difficult to see until it moves.


This spider is almost impossible to make out against the bark of this tree. I even had to check the photo at very high resolution to make sure I was really looking at a spider. On the day I photographed this little guy I only spotted it because it moved.


Another spider. This one has markings that closely resemble the lichen that covers the bark where it lives. If you look closely near the bottom of the photo you might see two tiny dots, which are two of its eyes.

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