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So, how do you get a spider into a plastic container?

Most of you will already know this method — it’s hardly rocket science. I’ve done it countless times, but I do NOT recommend it with dangerous types of spiders. Use a plastic container so it won’t shatter. Also, don’t try this if you have a phobia (irrational fear) of spiders.

Huntsman spider

This technique works fine whether the spider’s on the floor or on the wall as long as the surface is reasonably smooth. If the spider’s on a wall then remember to have your piece of cardboard within easy reach, because the plastic container’s not going to stay in place while you walk back to get the cardboard.


catcthing a spider step 1


You have to be pretty quick to get a container over the top of a spider like a Huntsman. I always use a transparent container so I can see what’s going on. Take-away food containers are great for this, but remember to eat all the food out of them first.

catcthing a spider step 2


Slide a sheet of stiff cardboard under the container, being careful to allow the spider to climb over the cardboard, and keeping the container held against the wall/floor. This is when you appreciate being able to see through the transparent container

catcthing a spider step 3


With the cardboard held under the container you can lift it away

catcthing a spider step 4

I prefer to flip it around so the the spider is sitting inside the container instead of standing on the cardboard

Once I’ve caught a spider and let it free outside I like to keep the container and cardboard handy for the next time.

Because there’s always a next time!

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