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Examples plucked from another career in a very different time

100 Cartoons

This was once my full-time job, working for dozens of magazines, books and newspapers. Samples picked from 20 years of cartooning   MORE…

Cartoon expression machine


Revealing the incredibly simple formula involved in drawing expressions. Draw cartoons with the click of a button   MORE…


Images created for newspapers or just plain fun   MORE…


3D illustration

Mucking around with 3D software, for work or for fun

3D illustration gallery

From realistic racing yachts to cartoony fish, some of these images made it into award-winning graphics   MORE…

Making the Cheddar Warrior

Cheddar Warrior

The were the main steps involved in creating this fairly detailed piece of 3D   MORE…

Making the 3D cow


This was a bit of fun playing with some 3D software to make an illustration. In this case I started with a real cow skin   MORE…

How difficult is 3D?

We keep being told the software’s intutive, but I’m not so sure it is.   MORE…

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