Sometimes, blurry is good

I’ve been known to bang on about getting sharper images but sometimes you can get a better shot by deliberately allowing stuff to go blurry.

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When I spotted these two tree frogs in a Pink Cordyline plant I saw that one was positioned deep inside a V-shaped formation of leaves. While that can sometimes be a bother, it can also make things more interesting.


To get the next photo, all I had to do was get the camera much lower down, so that V-formation would start to loom up in front, while I still maintained focus on the frog. Depth of field in macro photography is always tiny and so the effect was especially pronounced. The result was those pink leaf edges becoming wild smears of intense colour.

So remember — just like how you can contrast between colours, or between light and dark, you can also contrast between sharp and blurry. That’s right folks, blur is your friend too.

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