The difference the quality of the light makes

Photography is the capture of light so the quality of the light will affect the quality of your photos. Yet most people don’t think about the light when they get their cameras out.

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These two galahs were the same colour, but photographed at different times of the day. Quite a difference eh?

Now it’s not my job to tell you which is best, because there is no best. ‘Best’ is too subjective. Sure, I have my personal preference for the rich colours we often get just after sunrise or just before sunset, like with the galah photo on the right. That’s obvious to anyone who reads my photography beginners’ guides — but other people would have every right to prefer the softer, more desaturated colours of the bird at left, photographed in the middle of the day.

Knowing what kind of light you prefer can make an enormous difference to your pictures. So ask yourself, is the light you’re in now making the colours look the way you want? Or is there something you can do to change that? (Coloured reflectors, coloured ’gel’ over your flash etc etc) Or perhaps would another time of day be better? Because when you start improving your light, then you’re going to also start improving your photos.

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