Don’t settle for the most obvious angle

The best photographers will often spend a bit of time looking for an unusual viewing angle before they even take their first shot.

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A ladder can come in handy for getting the angle that other photographers don’t think of.

We spend our lives seeing things the same way every day. So when we see a photograph showing something how we’ve already seen it a million times, it’s not going to be nearly as interesting as something where the viewing angle is unfamiliar. That’s why the best photographers are always trying to find a different, better place to take their shots.

For example, if you want to photograph a group of friends then climb up a ladder and have them all looking up at you. Or if you want to photograph your dog then try lying on the ground and having the dog looking down at you. (Not recommended with dogs you don’t know or dont trust!)

There’s no limit to the number of new ways of seeing things in photography. It’s the unfamiliar that often makes the difference between a good shot and a great one.

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