Don’t have a heavy dew? Then fake it.

Here’s a tip for the folks who love nature. You can add some interest to your photos of flowers and foliage just by spraying the plants with water.

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Hibiscus flower sprayed with water

Tiny droplets of water can enhance the appearance of plants, but you don’t have to wait for a heavy dew or rain. Instead, you can just make it yourself with fresh water.

I often spray a flower with a mist of water before I photograph it, to give it that early morning or after-storm appearance.

Spray bottle

And you don’t have to spend large sums of money at the camera store to make this happen. A simple plastic mist sprayer will do the trick just fine. You can pick them up cheaply at some of the $2 shops or in the gardening section at some of the supermarkets.

Oh yeah, and a gentle spray of water can be great for training cats too!

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