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A primer for people about to learn photography
Making sense of blur
What is depth of field?
A beginner’s guide
Learning from examples
Understanding aperture
Understanding shutter speed
Focusing a digital SLR camera
Understanding histograms
JPG versus RAW
Understanding exposure compensation
Preventing washed-out colours
Getting sharper pictures
Photographing the moon at night
Photographing the Milky Way
Taking night-time shots of lightning
How many megapixels is enough?
What’s a 100% crop?
What are specular highlights?
What is bracketing?
Fast lens, slow lens — What’s the difference?
Photographing small critters in the dark
Noise in your images — What causes it, and what can you do about it?
Wildlife photography — Using your DSLR for animal shots
Bird photography part 1 — Using your DSLR for bird shots
Bird photography part 2 — Using your DSLR for even better bird shots
Macro photography part 1 — Using your DSLR for bug shots
Macro photography part 2 — Ironing the bugs out of bug shots
APS-C vs full frame — What it means to digital SLR photography
Pixel density in APS-C vs full frame sensors
How big will your photo print?
Choosing a lens — Getting it right can help your photography as well as save you money
How much gear do you need? — Sometimes, less really is more
Tips for using tripods — Getting the most out of them
Macro photography part 2 — Ironing the bugs out of bug shots
Macro photography part 2 — Ironing the bugs out of bug shots
How to take photos of sunsets
How I take photos of frogs — A technique suited to these cute little subjects
Image editing — Using software to ‘fix’ your photos
Using a telephoto lens to blur the background — Why it happens
One simple trick — The easiest way to get better wildlife photos
Image stacking — Using software to achieve extraordinary Depth of Field
Sneaky deep-etching — Cutting complicated objects out of their backgrounds
Creating an instant sepia look
Understanding colour temperature
Taking action shots of dogs
Working in harsh light — getting some colour back into middle-of-the-day photography
Understanding resolution

Using a digital SLR to take speedy action shots

Blog: In pursuit of the Waterskiing Duck

Photo gallery

UFO photo


Specialise if you want to become really good
Avoiding blown-out highlights
Don’t forget the background
Don’t settle for the most obvious angle
Don’t settle for the most obvious angle
Don’t have a heavy dew? Then fake it
Working with extreme backlighting
Do your camera settings at home
Focus on the eyes
The best way to go wide
Taking photos of young birds
The advantage of working in slow motion
A trick for getting great colour into macro
Super-small depth of field in macro shots
A trick for reducing camera shake in weak light
Looking through ugly barriers
A tip for macro photography in awful light
Yep, this shot really was taken in moonlight
A handy trick for taking pics of flying birds
The difference the quality of the light makes
Taking advantage of very bright light
How much editing is enough?
The secret to getting great colour
Another way of taking pictures of flowers
The best time to fix mistakes
A tip for making panoramas
Sometimes blurry can be good
Working with big macro subjects
Using a telephoto lens to shoot macro

High ISO &mdash: it’s not just for weak light


What’s with this ‘Nature Stuff’ then?
Giant stick insect
How many eyes do insects have?
Bulldog Ants
What is a bug?
Venomous or poisonous
What does the word ‘feral’ mean?
Feeding wild animals
Some common Australian orb weavers
Golden orb weavers
Huntsman spiders
Fear of huntsman spiders
Commensal spiders
How many eyes do spiders have?
How I catch spiders (to take them outside)
Net-casting spiders
What is a spider?
How long do spiders live?
Indian Mynahs
Noisy Miners
Noisy Miners, Indian Mynas — The differences between them
Australian White Ibis
Brush Turkeys
Is the Tawny Frogmouth an owl?
Common water birds around Sydney
Masked Lapwings
Black and white birds in Eastern Australia
The Australian Magpie
Pacific Black Ducks
Black Swans
Are they crows or ravens in Sydney?
Geese teeth
Birds’ knees — Do they bend forwards or backwards?
Rainbow lorikeets
Sulphur-crested Cockatoos
Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos
Glossy black Cockatoos
Australian Pelicans
A few big Australian trees
Some unusual Australian trees
Why Australia’s giant trees might never return
Fire and the Australian bush
Lizard bite
Asian House Geckos — More than just a pretty face?
City critters
Can kangaroos swim?
Camouflaged critters
Cute stuff
Feeding wild animals
Feeding wild animals - part 2
Swapping Cane Toads for tree frogs


With link to cartoon samples gallery

Cartoon expression machine
Using mouse clicks to create cartoon expressions

General illustration

3D illustration
with link to 3D illustration samples gallery

3D illustration articles
How I made the Cheddar Warrior illustration
How I made the 3D cow
How difficult is it learn 3D software?

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